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Terms of Use

Please read the terms of use before proceeding to view the collection.

History of the Collection

The avatars that appear in the pages linked to the right were created by me by cutting out images from many of my favourite Pre-Raphaelite paintings. I have the generosity of  Carol Gerten, curatrix of the outstanding CGFA  Virtual Art Museum to thank for scans of the paintings, who kindly gave me permission to modify the original scans.

The thumbnail images are sized 100 pixels by 160 pixels, perfect for such sites as HistoryWalker, AncientTimes, and others. These thumbnails are not transparent, but are linked to the original avatars created for AncientSites. The widths vary, but the heights are all 175 pixels.

These images are LINKWARE, and are my old friends. I'm happy to allow their copying and use. All that I ask is that you credit my work (if you think cutting out hundreds of electronic "paper dolls" is easy, think again!!) by adding a link to my site, Villa Ivlilla, on each page that the avatars appear. Read the terms of use for details.

Plurimas gratias!


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