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Roman Armour

Large Roman Armour Set

Whether your young Roman (age III and up) is battling against Hannibal's forces at Cannae, standing guard at the Coliseum, or fighting off enemy invaders in your backyard, he won't want to be caught without his Roman Armour Set (wear a dark red shirt under the armour for an authentic look).

Fashioned from durable, lightweight plastic, this set of armor comes complete with helmet, shield, and chest plate, and a sword and axe to do battle with. Chest plate and shield feature silver plastic medallions with the Roman legionary eagle; the entire set is designed with realistic styling and decoration. The legionary eagle is also engraved on the helmet. Armor is easy to put on, and two rubber arm straps hold the chest plate in place. Strap the shield to either forearm by putting your arm through two plastic loops on the back of the shield. When on the offensive, you can choose either the sword (30 inches long) or the battle-ax (29 inches long) to attack with. Both weapons are lightweight and have no sharp edges.

Little Egypt

Egyptian Isis Costume

Your little Egypt (age XXVI months to VIII years) can play Cleopatra to Julius Caesar in this long, golden tube dress, which slips over the head, tying at the neck around a regal, multicolored collar. The thin blue cape, split into two gold-trimmed wings, straps around the arms with broad elastic gathers. Costume is in the style of Isis, gentle mother goddess of all Egypt.

Julius Caesar's Roman Legion

Collector's Series: Julius Caesar's Roman Legion

Caesar stands proudly (all 2.5 inches of him) on his sturdy base, and his three die-cast metal legionnaires are ready to protect both him and Rome with spears and swords. Figures are intricately detailed and the metal is tough, but attached plastic weapons will not withstand vigorous play. The collector or the gamester won't mind handling them carefully, but small children will find this restriction frustrating.

Caesar IIICaesar III

Build your own empire stone by stone with this beautifully illustrated sim game. Caesar III is a city-building and management simulation that transports players back to ancient Rome, letting them live the life of a provincial governor. It's your job to create an environment that will attract citizens, keep those people fed and supplied with fresh water, and defend the city walls from jealous and greedy enemies. As if that's not enough, you also have to meet the demands of your caesar or face... dismissal.

Age of Empires

Age of Empires

Age of Empires, which still stands as one of the most popular real-time strategy games of all time. Set in ancient instead of feudal times, Age of Empires lets players guide one of a dozen civilizations with various strengths and weaknesses through a variety of campaigns and single scenarios.

Age of Empires Rise of Rome

Age of Empires: The Rise of Rome

Expansion pack for Age of Empires

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