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Graphics & Web Design

Jasc Paint Shop Pro 7.0

Paint Shop Pro 7 A powerful suite of graphics and animation tools at a fraction of the price of more expensive programs. I have used PaintShop Pro since 1993 and every graphic I have ever created has utilised this outstanding software program, that just keeps getting better with each new release.

HomeSite 4.5

Allaire's HomeSite 4.5 I use this excellent program for all my web design, from professional sites for clients to the Villa. I consider HomeSite 4.5 to be the best Web editor for people who want control over their coding and design environment.

Created by Web developers for Web developers, this software lets you work in HTML, DHTML, JavaScript, ASP, CFMC, Perl, VBScript, and more. The latest version of HomeSite offers increased user productivity, enhanced project-management tools, extended site-deployment capabilities, and added support for the latest Web technologies.

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